Pitch Studio

Pitch Studio

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About Pitch Studio

Pitch Studio is the brainchild of Pitch Guru, Zerafina Zara (ok, that’s me.)
What’s it all about?

As a singer, with a background in dance, I’ve found that body and voice awareness help us to improve our communication- whether that be through a song, or pitching yourself, or your ideas.

I’ve worked with a broad range of singers, and professionals on their performance.

For singers that means their stage performance. Stage performance is everything from gesture to use of stage space, and even facial expressions, eye-movement and pacing (slow to fast).

For professionals it’s a slightly different story; but not so different. It’s about first impressions, use of voice and gesture, posture, movement and creating rapport. It’s about presenting confidently.

There will be other posts to check out for the different aspects of this work.

It’s possibly the most fun job in the world (well, that and my performing) and I have a lot of thoughts on it that I like to share.