What did you like about the gig?

The gig was a smash!

We had people singing along, laughing (in the right spots,) tapping their feet, and generally being entertained.

But each singer came away with a different sense of what they liked and didn’t like about the performance.

Songwriting guru Pat Pattison said it best when he addressed how we tend to hang out in the negative side of constructive criticism.

Find out what you love about a song-  because we want to hang out where we are most passionate.

I’m not sure if they were his exact words, but I find it helpful to think about what you liked about a performance before you start thinking on what you’d like to improve on.

What did I see that everyone could work on?

Well, I looked at all these clever, creative people singing and thought to myself, ‘They could be singing their own songs.’

So they’ve started writing, and that’s a big step, but we’re taking it in tiny steps.

Sometimes we need to take tiny steps to get underneath the radar of our ‘fear alarm.’

This tiny steps approach is owed completely to Robert Maurer’s book: One Small Step Can Change Your Life

What’s one small (tiny-as-you-can) step you could take for your music or performance?

photo (1)

This is Liz and Dave Johnson performing some brilliant original songs at the Dancing Dog Gig.



Let the Feelings Follow (excerpt from my Journal/Morning Pages)

Most of the singer shaved started writing songs since our concert. The biggest challenge so far has been ‘turning up’ to write. So we’ve been going through the process of drafting during class. That way it becomes something-anything! But it becomes something to work with, rather than something that doesn’t exist yet.

Sheridan Stewart's Success Secrets of Confident Women

If we are always waiting to ‘feel like it’ chances are whatever ‘it’ is may never get done! Progress will be sporadic and the results inconsistent at best. So often we are waiting for inspiration to strike, to ‘feel like it” before we are willing to take action. But truth is that’s arse about-face! Mostly, our feelings follow our actions, not the other way around!

Dedicate time regularly to creative projects = feeling inspired!

Eating healthily and exercising = feeling vibrant

AFFIRMATION “I take action now & trust that my feelings will follow!”

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